Why You Should Make a Summer Schedule & Tips to Stick to it

Summer is an opportunity for students to unwind and take a break from their busy daily activities. However, it is important to maintain a certain level of predictability and schedule even when out of school. Productive habits need to be practiced in order to be maintained. That’s why we’re covering the importance of keeping a schedule over the summer, and some easy ways to do so.

Summer should be a time to take a break, so it’s a good thing to enjoy some free time. However, if students go the whole summer with no structure or schedule, it will be hard to adjust when school starts again. By taking simple steps to build in structure, the transition back to school will feel much less overwhelming. You don’t have to schedule out each hour of your child’s day, but doing things like going to sleep and waking up around the same time each day will help create a sense of normalcy about their days. Additionally, keeping a regular sleep schedule helps maintain better health and helps you feel more alert during the day.

Another way you can create some scheduled activities is to encourage your child to read or practice math problems once a week. This allows kids to have a break from studying everyday, but also gives them the opportunity to keep up with the skills that they learned during the school year. By practicing over the summer, kids will feel well prepared when they return to school in the fall. They won’t feel the stress of not remembering the basics that are necessary to understand new material. While structuring academic activities into the day, remember to also incorporate activities that are fun and keep kids active. It can be easy to sit at home over the summer and watch tv, but try to encourage your kids to get outside to play a game, go swimming, or take a walk. Regular exercise helps kids sleep better, feel more energized, and contributes to overall better health.

There are lots of ways to find practice materials for your child. You can get Brain Quest practice cards or workbooks to help your child keep up with their studies over the summer. You know your child better than anyone, so you know where their struggles and strengths lie. If you notice your student struggling with a particular subject, make an extra effort to provide them with related materials.

Taking time to practice skills will make kids feel accomplished and help them build a better understanding of the basics they need to move on to the next grade. Structure can also aid them in setting and reaching goals. Schedules help reduce stress about not knowing when certain things will get accomplished. So while you take time to relax and unwind with your kids over the summer, make sure to also take time to structure in productive activities to make your back to school transition as smooth as possible.