The Pandemic’s Effects on Classroom Engagement and Test Scores

A recent study from the Ohio Capital Journal shows that the amount of third grade students that scored “proficient” on the English and Language Arts assessment dropped by about 9% during the pandemic. Participation in this ELA assessment also dropped 14%. Some Ohio schools even had almost zero participation in the assessment.

You can read more about this study here:

The pandemic has affected students and parents in a variety of ways. Students may find themselves struggling to keep up with work or suffering from a lack of structure. We know that this transition is hard for parents too. But, there are resources to keep your child on track. Just because school is online, that does not mean that children can’t reach their full potential.

Rocket Kid Tutoring offers online, small group tutoring sessions for reading and math that meet weekly. This is an excellent way to create structure for your child. Studies show that routines help kids create beneficial habits and give them an idea of what to expect in their weekly schedule. These group sessions meet in small numbers, so students can interact with other kids their own age. This interaction is important because it allows kids to work together, share ideas, and make connections. While your child will get to work with their peers, groups are small enough to ensure that each child is getting individualized attention.

As a reading specialist and licensed teacher, Wendy Neely has vast experience working with struggling learners. She will create a learning plan specific to your child’s needs, helping them get results. Rocket Kid Tutoring students see improvement not only academically, but also in self-esteem. One thing we hear all the time from Rocket Kid Tutoring parents is that they see a tremendous increase in their child’s confidence.

So although the pandemic has challenged us, and maybe changed the way some children learn, there are resources to make sure your child is engaged in their classes and getting what they need from a caring licensed professional. If you are new to online learning, realize that you don’t have to navigate this process alone. Rocket Kid Tutoring was founded on principles that put families first. By speaking your child’s language (using technology) and saving yourself time running to meet a tutor, you can allow us to guide your child in the comfort of their own home. Once things get back to “normal” you will be glad that you have one less thing to do and more time to spend with your family at home!! The learning is the same as long as you have a good connection. And connection is what it’s all about.