Study Habits Your Child Should Start Building Now

Creating healthy study habits from a young age will give kids a solid foundation for studying and reaching their academic goals in higher learning. Studying for a test can seem overwhelming at first, but when you take deliberate steps to learn the information, piece by piece, it becomes much more manageable. These skills are important to build early on so that study habits are already established by the time students take high school tests or standardized tests like the SAT or ACT. It is never too early to start building healthy habits; here are some study tips that will help your child do so!


Flashcards are extremely helpful in memorization. They also help you pick out the most important pieces of information. This method is especially useful for things like vocabulary words, formulas, or definitions. You can make flashcards out of notecards or use websites like Quizlet. This software will let you review the flashcards, but will also create quizzes out of your cards and track your progress. Another way your child can track progress is to star cards they are having trouble with and highlight them as they master them.


If your child is a visual learner, it may help them to lay out all the information in front of them. This can help your child see the material in a different way, and visualize how multiple concepts connect. Additionally, writing out information aids memorization.

Highlight notes

Highlighting notes will make the most important parts of notes easy to find and reference later. This method also makes long passages or multiple pages of notes seem more manageable. When your child is able to pick out the main points in a passage or notes, it shows that they are comprehending the material.

Don’t wait until the last minute

Encourage your child to space out their studying so they aren’t overwhelmed by all of the information they need to know right before a test. Cramming in notes at the last minute is not an effective way to retain information. You can help your child make a study schedule for their tests by designating certain days to go over specific chapters. This makes studying for a big test less overwhelming and provides a structured study plan.

Save worksheets

Sometimes students will do an activity or worksheet in class, then put it in a folder and not think about it again. Revisiting these worksheets is a great way to review concepts covered in class. These activities can provide an idea of what will be covered on a test and can serve as a study guide. You can also see which concepts or questions your child struggled with in class, and pay extra attention to those areas when studying at home.

Explain concepts out loud

Another way to make sure your child is comprehending a topic is to have them explain it out loud to you or another family member. If your child can explain a concept to you in their own words, it shows that they are understanding it. Speaking out loud also helps with memorization. This is a great way to practice presentations as well.

Study in groups

Studying in groups is powerful because it can help kids see a solution to a problem they may not have gotten on their own. They can also share ideas and perspectives with their peers, who understand them. This can be done on Zoom or over the phone. If you are looking for a structured group tutoring plan, check out Rocket Kid Tutoring’s options on the Plans & Pricing tab! Group tutoring is an excellent way to provide connections for your child as well as a routine while learning from home!

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