Signs of a Struggling Learner

If you are worried about your child’s performance in school, or wondering if tutoring is right for them, there are signs to look out for that can aid you in deciding the best way to help them. Often struggling learners exhibit some behaviors indicative of having a hard time in school. Here are some of those behaviors to look out for that may signal a struggling learners.

Grades are low

This may indicate that a student is not grasping the material they are being taught in class. This may be because they need to learn at a slower pace, or that they are lacking understanding of a foundational concept. If your child is struggling with grades, tutoring can help them build knowledge of foundational skills that they have moved on from in class. Tutoring also offers the opportunity to explain information in a new way.

Struggling with homework

Students may struggle with their homework if they do not understand what they are learning in the classroom, or they may need someone to work with them and keep them focused. There can be a lot more distractions at home than at school. Tutoring offers that individual attention to help keep students focused when doing work at home.

Low confidence regarding school work

At Rocket Kid Tutoring, we believe confidence is key, not only in the classroom, but in life overall. We see this increased confidence all the time in our students! Building confidence helps students overcome obstacles in their learning, and motivates them to keep trying when they encounter challenging material. Increased confidence in their school work can also help lessen anxiety when testing.

Not feeling challenged by school or showing a lack of interest

Some students may feel that the pace of the classroom is too slow for them. In this case, tutoring allows kids to push themselves to learn more advanced material, and gives them resources to challenge them. Every student learns at a different pace, and that is okay! Tutoring can give students unique attention that is tailored to their learning style and abilities.

If any of these signs of a struggling learner sound familiar to you, tutoring may be the solution for you and your student! With Rocket Kid Tutoring, you can schedule a free consultation to address where your child is struggling, and how we can help. Then a personalized learning plan will be developed to cater to your child’s specific needs. So, visit to see how tutoring can help your child!