Online Tutoring is the Way of the Future

Online tutoring is becoming more popular these days with so many children learning from home. But the new technology we have started using while working and learning from home is going to stay with us even when things go back to “normal.” Here are five reasons you should choose Rocket Kid Tutoring’s online math and reading tutoring programs!

1. Students are able to learn in a comfortable environment

Online tutoring provides a more relaxed environment than that of a classroom. Students can learn from the comfort of their own space. Oftentimes students are nervous asking questions in large classes, or become overwhelmed if the lesson is moving too fast for them. With online tutoring, students are more comfortable asking clarification questions and asking the tutor to take the material slower. Additionally, online tutoring is a fun way to study and interact with peers, which offers a nice change of pace from a traditional classroom.

2. Students receive a tailored learning experience

With Rocket Kid Tutoring, students will receive a personalized learning plan. Wendy will assess each student to determine the concepts they need help with, and create a plan to help them reach their goals. Students are also able to adjust their plan as needed. For example, Wendy works with a student who usually covers about five math topics in one tutoring session. But, one week the student was struggling more than usual, so Wendy adapted the lesson to cover one topic during the session. This type of flexibility lets the student know that it is perfectly okay to take learning slower if needed. The classroom has to run on a set schedule, but not all children are able to learn at the same pace. Online tutoring embraces different learning styles and learning paces.

3. Online tutoring is convenient

Online tutoring lets students learn from the comfort of their own home, and parents don’t have to worry about picking their child up or dropping them off. When we do get back to our busy schedules, driving to tutoring will be one less thing you have to worry about. The technology we have recently become accustomed to will continue to be used in the future. Kids are comfortable working with technology, and they are often expected to know how to use technology in school. Online tutoring is fun for kids because they get to use this technology and feel like they are video chatting with friends and their tutor, but it is also an engaging, learning experience.

4. Even outside of the classroom, students get attention from a teacher and reading specialist

Rocket Kid Tutoring offers access to a teacher and reading specialist without having to leave your home, or be in a traditional classroom. Wendy has years of experience working with struggling learners in reading and math, and even homeschooled her own children. She knows how to meet them at their current level and how to make them feel confident in their abilities.

5. Rocket kid tutoring provides proven results and progress you can see

Rocket Kid Tutoring can guarantee that your child will see results. Whether your child is struggling with reading or math, Rocket Kid Tutoring provides the resources, attention, and consistency necessary to improve confidence and test scores. Our parents constantly tell us that they see amazing progress in their children when working with Rocket Kid Tutoring. One parent says, “We love Mrs. Wendy! After seeing such dramatic improvement in the reading level of our third grader after just a couple months, we decided to enroll our younger children as well!”

Rocket Kid Tutoring is here as a resource to identify where students can improve, and guide them through their schoolwork. So, if you’re noticing your child is struggling with reading or math, and you aren’t sure how to help them, visit our website at to learn more about online group tutoring options. Then, click the “Book Now” button to schedule a free consultation. We are so excited to work with your child and see them excel!