Keep Your Kids Learning Over Summer Break

As summer approaches, your kids are probably getting excited about having more freedom in their days. But remember, a break from school should not be a complete break from learning. While it is important to take time off to relax, it is also crucial to make sure your child does not forget the skills they learned this year. Like many things in life, school takes practice, and when you stop practicing, your skills may begin to fade.

Continuing to practice skills and review content over the summer can help your child feel more at ease when they return to school. Instead of feeling stressed about not remembering subject material well enough, they will feel confident in their abilities because they have practiced. This will also make learning new material the next school year easier because they won’t have to backtrack to relearn old material again.

Your child does not have to sit at a desk all day to keep learning over the summer, just make sure that their practice is consistent. You can take time out of one or two days a week and have your child do a fun and educational activity. For example, you can give them designated time to read something that interests them or have them watch an educational movie. You can keep track of how many books they read, or how many worksheets they complete to provide a visual of how much they have accomplished. Having scheduled learning time will provide some structure on those summer days when school is not in session. Your student will know when it's time to study, and they will expect it each week. This type of routine is much easier to handle than working sporadically.

With a break from classes and their daily routine, kids have more time to work at their own pace. So summer break is actually a great time to think about what your child struggled with during the year, and make time to practice that material every week. You can have your child review old worksheets or quizzes, practice old spelling words, or reread chapters they did not understand well during the year. While these activities are useful, your child may also need someone to guide them to make sure they are grasping the content correctly. Rocket Kid Tutoring is offering summer sessions to help with just that! Rather than studying independently and potentially misunderstanding material, Wendy will guide students to maintain their reading and math skills. Visit our website at to learn more about summer offerings!