How to Use Change to Your Advantage

Change can be difficult, and we certainly have had a lot of it over the past year. But change can also be productive and help us grow in new ways. It is important to have structure in your student’s life, but there will inevitably be some changes along the way, and that’s okay! What’s important is how we handle these changes and how we use them as opportunities to grow. Students will sometimes need to adapt to changes in school, and in their lives outside of the classroom. Here are some reasons why change can be a good thing.

Change lets us learn new things

When you’ve been doing something the same way for a long time, it can be difficult to change those habits. But sometimes learning new ways to do a task can make your work more efficient or more effective. By being open to change, we can learn new skills as well. If your child is struggling to learn a new subject or topic in school, encourage them to push through the initial uncertainty. With persistence, your student can learn new skills and strategies to help them grow across all subjects.

Change lets us experience new perspectives and meet new people

Change can expose us to new people and perspectives. Learning to look at a situation from multiple points of view can help students build critical thinking and problem solving skills. Meeting new classmates or teachers can give students fresh perspectives and help them learn new skills. For example, two students may solve one math problem differently, but by working together, one student may learn a new and easier way to solve the math problem. Being open to new collaborations can teach kids to work as a team and let them practice articulating their own ideas to their peers.

Change helps us grow

Change can be uncomfortable at first, and sometimes we may even fail the first time we try something new— but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! We don’t always get things right on the first try, but we can use that as an opportunity to learn what we can improve. Making mistakes helps us learn the most effective way to do a task. Making mistakes also offers the opportunity for growth. Students can learn how to deal with challenges and persist to meet their end goal. This is a great skill to have, not only in school, but throughout your whole life!