Benefits of Reading Groups

If your child is struggling with reading, enrolling them in a reading group can help them improve vocabulary, comprehension, and confidence. If you’re unsure of how to make your child more of a fluent reader, here are some reasons to try a reading group!

Working with other students allows kids to collaborate and build confidence in their reading skills. According to Readxyz, when groups are kept to four students or less, they are proven to be extremely effective, that’s why we keep our groups small and our learning plans personalized! Ms. Wendy’s initial assessment pinpoints exactly what areas students need help with and then they are grouped with other students of their same reading level. Our reading practice produces proven results— we see students’ reading scores improve anywhere from 30 to 100 points on average!

Reading a book or story in small groups helps students pay better attention to what they’re reading, thus improving their understanding of the story. Like our group tutoring sessions, our reading groups allow students to connect with their peers and share ideas. Collaborating exposes students to new perspectives and improves their listening skills. When working in small groups, each student will have more opportunities to read out loud and answer questions. Additionally, students remain more alert and pay more attention in small groups because they cannot rely on tens of other students to answer questions and participate.

Small reading groups allow for extra practice outside of the classroom. Reading out loud in class can be stressful for some students, but reading in small groups gives them time to practice that skill in a setting that is less overwhelming and more comfortable than a large classroom. Reading out loud helps with memory because the student has to focus closely on what they’re reading. Hearing themselves read aloud is super important. It provides them the opportunity to practice words they’re struggling with and note their improvement along with refining their vocabulary. Building confidence by reading out loud in a reading group will help your child feel more comfortable in class, and will encourage increased participation in the future when they go back to their classroom.

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