Solve your child’s  5 main frustrations and negative thoughts about reading so you can communicate with them and get them back to reading happily at school again...

...without getting into exhausting fights with them to get them to listen to you

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover to help your child work through these thoughts and frustrations:  

Learn the power of making strength lists to reinvigorate your child with newfound confidence to start reading again so they don't give up at school or become

passive in doing homework

Gain certainty that your solving the right mental blockages that your child has, and not waste time trying to fix a mental challenge that doesn't exist 

Compare and contrast work your child has done before  so they see they’re reminded of their progress in reading even if they forgot about it which can make them get excited about picking up a book again

Chris/ Paisley (5th)& Luke(3rd)

Wendy has done an incredible job keeping my two kids on track with their virtual classes this school year.


Not only has she kept them on track, but has been invaluable at helping them comprehend the material at a much higher level than if they were trying to do the online classes on their own.

IMG_0774 (1).jpg
Karie/ Parent of 5

We love Mrs. Wendy! After seeing such dramatic improvement in the reading level of our third grader after just a couple months, we decided to enroll our younger children as well

IMG_0772 (1).jpg
Jaz, Parent of 6th grader

She has even partnered with our son’s current teacher to see what resources he uses... She bridges the content he’s working on in class with her tutoring sessions.


Who wrote this?

Hey there, I’m Wendy Neely 


 I’ve been teaching and tutoring for 20  years now. Started in the  Ohio public school system where I taught reading/English and then moved on to my own private tutoring practice helping K- 1st  2nd- 3rd graders 


This guide was created for you so you could talk to your child and start getting their mind in a positive state to learn reading skills better 


Every time a parent I worked with took their child to a tutor or tutoring center. And they would give up on the child because the child gave them a difficult time


It was never because they were a bad student, or had a problem with learning, etc.


Sometimes it's simply getting the child in a positive and healthy state of mind


I’m confident that this will help you save hours of failed talks and attempts to force your child to read and create a much more peaceful home environment