Rocket Kid Tutoring

4 part mission:

  1. Your child will gain better focus and organization skills as a result

  2. Stronger study and test taking skills

  3.  Stronger academic skills in Math and Reading

  4. Greater confidence and motivation

On a Video Call

How does online tutoring work with Wendy?

First, Wendy assesses each child to find out where their gaps are. After this assessment, she speaks with the parents to discuss the results. Next, she comes up with a personalized plan that will quickly close the gap and then meets with your child twice weekly.

Every 3 months, Wendy reassesses the child to find out what gains have been made and/or what changes need to be made with instruction to continue to close the gap.

“Wendy is a GREAT teacher with a passion to see her kids succeed.”

— Name, Title

— Cindy Hathoway, 3rd grade teacher

"Thank you for pushing and pulling our child to reach for the stars. She has excelled in all of her learning and spiritual levels. Thank You and wishing you the best years ever!"

— Lisa Tuckley, Mom

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