Increase your child's reading test scores

30 to 100 points without needing to read to them every day or rush to fill their reading gaps before they go into 4th grade

Are you...

  • Hearing from your child’s teacher that their reading level is not on level with the other kids in the class?

  • Seeing your child fall behind in their classes and feeling like you’ve no way to help them?

  • Having no clue why your child can’t read at a high level even after exhausting all your options; such as The Reading Eggs app, programs like Orton Gillingham, and Barton Reading, your child’s teacher, or trying to teach them yourself?

  • Worried your child will be rushed into the 4th grade without knowing how to read? 

 Let me be your guide to higher reading levels for your child 

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Hey I’m Wendy, a licensed teacher/reading tutor and former homeschool mom 

I've been teaching since 2000. So that's, y’ know, going on 21 years... 

I’ve been in public school and private school teaching reading skills and even stayed home with my own 3 girls and homeschooled them for over 10 years...

And if you keep reading you'll discover how to raise your reading test scores and reading comprehension significantly 

There was a time where I struggled knowing which methods were proven in order to get my students to really understand,  despite being a qualified teacher …
In my first year of teaching, my students weren’t excelling in reading like I wanted them to or at the pace I wanted them to. 

On top of that when I was a 3rd grade teacher, my students needed to get on track quickly in order to pass the 3rd-grade reading guarantee test at the end of the year -I felt a TON of pressure...

I realized I had to quickly group my students according to their ability levels and start working with them in small groups (around 4 students at a time) and I did so using Abeka’s Handbook For Reading. 

After working with them 2-3 times per week in small groups-I started to see huge leaps. 

It took a lot of patience as well as trial and error but I was able to figure out their exact struggles and personalize the lessons in a systematic way to finally see improvement in every child I had no matter what reading level they were at!! 

One student even scored 100 points higher! ( Yes, really ) 

Having tutored children one on one in reading since 2017, I've seen all of my clients face the same reading challenge you’re now facing with your child...

It’s quite common but most parents are unaware of the issue! It only hits them when their child’s teacher says their child’s reading abilities aren’t on level with the other kids in the class, that they feel they need to do something to fix it... 

You’ve tried to teach them yourself, sitting beside them with a book going through the motions, not getting anywhere


Or go through all the reading apps, programs, and tutoring centers to get your child’s reading level up, but you’ll see nothing is really fixing the real problem; your child still doesn’t understand how to read and comprehend.


They may know how to read some words but still don't have the skills needed to be as successful as you know they can be

And with all this confusion on what is the right thing that will solve your child's reading challenge... 

You’ll frantically try to prepare your child for the next coming school year  , worried that they won't be ready to tackle 4th-grade reading because they couldn't read well in 3rd grade and your school district is pushing this "catch up learning narrative" …

But you want what’s best for your children

And you’ll do anything to see them succeed, as I do with my own girls…

But despite your best efforts, the next school year is coming closer and your child is still and the same reading level for months now with no signs of progress

It is hard to accept sometimes that we can’t do everything, but there’s no such thing as Superwoman! You shouldn't feel like your a bad mom or bad parent, because you aren't! You're doing the best you can with the info and materials you've got


The greatest thing you can ever do for your children and for yourself is to focus on the things you're the best at, and figure out where to delegate, and to get help where you struggle. 

And that’s where I come in; I can tutor your child to get higher reading levels so they not only pass the 4th grade but excel in it!! 

During my early days of teaching my students and making sure they passed the 3rd-grade Reading Guarantee 

I realized the one thing that mattered most and proved whether or not they would pass or fail

was their ability to read the questions on the test…

Sounds simple enough >>>> but without learning the systematic skills of reading based on the science of reading


The test cannot be passed. You’d think it would be the way the questions are worded, the topics...

It’s none of that, it’s simply “Do the kids know how to read the questions so they can understand what they're being asked and answer them ”..

And this transfers into every subject that requires reading in school, when they know how to read questions and understand them they'll do better in those subjects apart from just English

No reading programs 

No handbooks

No other private tutors

No tutoring centers

Could ever tell you this, because they focus on the wrong things 

So to build these foundational reading skills for your child, I’ve created a group class specifically for reading, where I teach a group of 4 kids the fundamentals on how to read, so they are prepared to deal in this new  "catching up learning" culture in schools and increase their confidence like never before

Do you want to be my next success story?

Then click the button at the bottom of the page to book a group slot for your child 

And while you're at it, make sure you read the testimonials from some of the other amazing families I get to work with

Happy Students and Parents 

We absolutely adore Ms. Wendy! My son transitioned from 5th grade to 6th grade during the pandemic. We knew he needed more support in math and executive functioning. She’s been phenomenal with assessing and ironing out these areas. She has even partnered with our son’s current math teacher to see what resources he uses. She bridges the content he’s working on in class with her tutoring sessions. We are grateful for her help! 

Jaz, Parent of 6th grader

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student recording.PNG

Can You Hear the Difference 

Hearing is believing.

When it comes to reading that is.


These are samples of student recordings; one done before tutoring with Wendy and one after

You can hear how one of my reading students, Rhys, a 3rd-grader, went from reading 39 words in 2 mins. to 96 words in 53 seconds! 


Huge Improvement!!! 

I'm in this with you !

Here’s the exact steps my group classes go through to get your child reading 30-100 points up from their current reading level

1. Picking the right group based on your child's reading level

First, your child will take a diagnostic test to find out what level they're at.


Then they’ll be put into the "just right" group with other children who are at the same reading level; it's proven that 1-4 students is the magic number and kids that are evenly matched can succeed just as well as if they were tutored 1:1.

 The personalized attention from me guiding these small groups with virtual interaction will include choral reading, popcorn reading, playing games, and using the virtual whiteboard, etc. 

Your child will not just be staring at a screen, looking at pre-recorded videos and not getting immediate feedback. Instead they will receive praise and encouragement from a teacher and mom who knows instinctively what they need.

Sound Waves

2. Recorded Oral Reading 

Second, once they are in a group class based on their level of reading, they’ll do an initial oral reading with me


They’ll read normally a page or paragraph, saying the letters, sounds, and words they know,

and I’ll record this as their baseline in order to compare it with future oral readings, so you can hear for yourself their improvement

3. Ongoing Reading Practice

Thirdly, they go through ongoing reading sessions that consist of 3 things:

Sounding their letters-  Your child will first develop phonemic awareness, which in simple terms means they know how to sound out letters. If your child doesn’t know how to sound letters out, it's safe to assume they don't know how to spell or write.


Your child will learn what they need to know to  read more complex words and create a long-lasting reading foundation that will affect their writing and spelling skills


 Putting letters together to make short and long words-

Starting with 3 letter words and teaching them how to blend which just means putting letters together, like this, ( ss tt ) .  Now they'll know how to sound out things, themselves.  Meaning they won't get stuck every two seconds and you won't have to say  " oh my gosh can you please just figure this out, " when doing school work



Reading Nonsense words and real words- 
Once they get good at making short and long words, then they learn to read and spell real words and nonsense words using their new skills.  If your child is able to read words like dag and zook, you know, he can say real words, like bag and look. This means your child has actually learned the rules of reading, so they can do it on their own and hasn't just memorized a few words.

Online Education
Sound Waves

4. Hear for yourself their reading improve up 30-100 points

 After the group classes are finished your child will do another oral reading recording and you’ll be able to hear the difference in their reading from before they took the classes and after, so you'll know exactly how they’ve improved in their reading

How much does this cost?

If you were trying to teach your child to read by yourself,  you'll spend 4 months; 40 mins a day of consistent reading time.

And if you're heavily focused on your job and you have to spend 40 mins a day, that’s approx 4 hrs a week, and 20 hrs a month.

Not to mention the challenge of getting your child to sit still and listen to you ( oh boy ). That could possibly be extended to at least 5 hr to make up for the extra time you take to get your child to listen to what you're reading to them.

Causing it to be much more time that is taken away from your job and career potentially affecting your earning capabilities 

​Trying to use other resources like Orton Gillingham programs which usually costs anywhere from  $80-$100 an hour.

Barton Reading Program can be even more expensive because each separate reading challenge is broken down into individual packages and priced as follows:

Phonemic Awareness $300, Consonants & Short Vowels $300, Closed & Unit Syllable $350, Syllable Division & Vowel Teams  $350, Greek and Latin Roots $300, etc. In order to get to higher reading levels, you'd have to purchase all these individual programs totaling around $1200

Now usually, I  charge parents  $520 per month for one on one tutoring sessions for reading. That's $1040 for 2 months of reading classes

But right now, I’m trying to make my tutoring services more accessible for parents. Being a Mom and deciding to leave the classroom last year due to Covid, I know exactly what is going on with children falling behind. It is imperative that you act quickly and get your child the right kind of help they need now!! 

So that’s why this group class is only going to cost 

$600 for the whole solution (6 week intensive) of getting your child to a higher reading level with 8 sessions for just $100 per week 

Story Time

Imagine  you'll

  • Have a positive learning environment for your child where they can learn to read along with other kids who are facing the same challenges, giving your child hope that their reading challenges are normal  

  • Save yourself expensive costs and fees, knowing you don’t need to throw any more money out the window on tutoring centers and quick cash grab tutors

  • See your child being able to read the questions on their tests, assignments and actually being able to comprehend what they're reading without you needing to be there by their side all the time

  • Be able to rest easy knowing your child is moving onto the 4th grade , knows how to read and can feel confident despite the rushed schooling Covid created


Frequently asked questions

Are these group classes like regular online virtual classes with precorded video and slide shows?

No your child is engaging and interacting live with me, we'll be playing games and having fun. This is specifically done to avoid the burnout and boredom of virtual learning. Also when your child is not exhausted they 'll enjoy reading more

How will I know my child has upped their reading level?

Before your child is in a group class they'll be doing a oral reading with me, this will set a baseline from where we are improving from, you can hear for yourself what level your child is at. Then at the end of the classes when it's all finished, I'll do another oral reading with your child and record it. You'll hear the difference immediately between recording 1 and recordng 2

How long are your sessions?

Online tutoring session length is determined by a couple of factors. 1. Child’s age 2. Child’s attention span 3. Schedule I find that children in K-2nd grade work best In 30-minute sessions. For kids in 3rd-8th grade; 45 min. Sometimes, the students’ schedules and my schedule have unique needs that determine whether a 30 minute or even a 60 minute session would be better.

Do you offer further reading support during summer?

Yes, I do! I offer summer reading packages to make sure your child isn't affected by the summer slide. They will suffer reading loss if they are not consistently reading. Your child will be prepared and feel confident going into the next school year.

How long does it take to see results?

It all depends on the child, their reading level, their enthusiasm to learn, etc. All in all, results depend on many factors, but the usual range is 2 months - 4months

Will my child get individual attention in these groups?

Yes , unlike regular group classes , where you just stuff a bunch of kids in the same room and then teach. My approach is more parent friendly. I make sure first that your child does a diagonistic test to see where their current level of reading is. And then match that to the group of other kids with the same reading level and then form a small group of only 4 children. By doing this and keeping the class size small, it's guaranteed that your child will get individualized attention from me and because the group's reading level is the same, that ensures your child will learn along with the other kids and won't feel isolated or alone in their learning challenges.

You can finally solve this and get your child to a higher reading level... 

You’ve read through what I have to offer and I know you’re excited for your child to up their reading level and pass the 3rd grade prepared to go into the 4th grade

 So go ahead trust your gut, and do it for the most important reason you and I know you're doing this for, to give your son or daughter the reading skills to succeed in school and see them smile again because they love reading 


Go to the bottom of the page, and book a spot now in one of our group sessions 

It makes sense...

You don't have time to teach yourself how to teach your child, let alone teach them how to read, work a job, AND take care of all of your responsibilities at home. 


It's not your fault.

You’d have to read constantly to your child, but also with a systematic approach; periods of time that could take as much as 60 mins per day.


And then have your child read back to you so they can model your reading behavior.


Now you can't even take them to the library, etc due to Covid.


All these nuances usually go into creating an effective learning environment for your child to increase their reading level.


Most parents don't have time to do this. 


All the other options are incredibly expensive compared to what you're getting in this group class package, with this group class you're getting the full reading solution.


Not just solving one challenge like Phonemics awareness for $300, etc, you get everything to get your child up to the highest reading level they can achieve for $100 per week 


So in order to use your money wisely to get the most return, this will be the best way to solve your child’s reading challenge


Go to the bottom of the page and click the button to book a group slot 

If you don't take action today, what will happen...

So, I know you’re on this page because you want your child to read at a higher level to do well in 4th grade


If you end up not taking the leap and purchasing this for your child’s future, a couple of things may happen:


One- You’ll keep paying high costs in tutoring costs every year hoping your child will finally be able to learn to read, and all you want is to be able to solve their reading challenges.

Do they understand the rules of reading and can they apply them to tests, assignments, etc.? Not just have a few sight words memorized.


Two- Your child can get resentful in the long term, children are very sensitive at this young age but may not let you know how bad they are feeling and struggling.

 Three- Their attitude and behavior may start to change, if this hasn't happened already, and it will affect their entire school experience making it tough for them to love learning.


 If your son or daughter sees that they’re not succeeding in 4th grade reading, they’ll feel something is wrong with them, when I know can help them reach their potential.


And that's the worst part because if a child doesn't like to learn now, they will struggle on into high school and may not even want to go college.


Hopefully, I’ve educated you on how urgent this is needed for your child...


But it's up to you to make the decision for them and give them the reading skills they need; not just to pass 3rd grade, but to have lifelong skills that keep benefiting them for years to come.

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Are you ready to get your child's reading level up

30-100 points so they are ready for 4th grade